The History of Bromwic

Extract from 'Doomsday Book' (1086)

‘Radulf holds of William three hides in Bromwic. There island for three ploughs. In Demesne there is one (plough), and ten villeins and three borders have three ploughs. Wood there one league in length and half a league in breadth It was and is worth forty shillings. Erictuin held it'

The founding of Bromwic would probably be about the year 600 AD and by some authorities, it is contended that the parish was actually formed in the year 643.

It is believed that the settlers came from the north east: by way of the Humber and the Trent and later, when the river became too narrow and shallow, they forsook their boats and began to ‘Trek’ southwards and inland.

At last they reached alittle stream and, the place suiting their fancy, they crossed it and decided to make their home there. The district was wild. Gigantic oaks towered skywards, the undergrowth seemed a mass of yellow flowers.

The timber was felled and the house-building began, they had all they needed. The stream was clean and limpid. There was a wealth of timber for house-building, implement making and fuel.

Here, in the forest and woods, roamed the wolf and the wild boar, the weazel and the badger, but a spice of danger added a zest to life. The woods teemed with red deer and wild fowl and the game was plentiful.  The little stream abounded with fish - what more could man wish, or heart desire. What should they, call their new home. The blaze of flowers answered them -it was the broom-they would call their home 'Broom-wic' or the village of The Broom.

Later on, the 'rush of life' caused them to shorten the word and it became 'Bromwic".

Many years afterwards, having found that similar villages not far away had been like name, a distinction had to be made to avoid confusions and so one was called Little Bromwic, a second Castle Bromwic and ours became West Bromwic.