The Founders

There were 25 founding members of Bromwic Lodge, all listed below, including one Grand Lodge Officer (W. Bro. CB Adams), four Provincial Grand Lodge Officers (W. Bro. J W Shenton, W. Bro. H B Millichip,  W. Bro. H P Darvillee & W. Bro. J H Wones) and four Past Masters (W. Bro. S M Benbow, W. Bro. G H Woodward, W. Bro. M H Gurnow & W. Bro. E Fisher).

  • W. Bro. J W Shenton *, P.P.G.W.
  • W. Bro. CB Adams *, JP, P.G.Std.B.(Eng). P.P.G.W.
  • W. Bro. H B Millichip *, P.P.G.D.
  • W. Bro. H P Darvillee *, P.P.A.G.D.C.
  • W. Bro. J H Wones *,  P.P.G.D.
  • W. Bro. S M Benbow
  • W. Bro. G H Woodward
  • W. Bro. M H Gurnow
  • W. Bro. E Fisher
  • Bro. F Morris
  • Bro. H J Roberts
  • Bro. S Barker
  • Bro. T H Burns
  • Bro. L W Brown
  • Bro. J E Hammond
  • Bro. F Thorpe
  • Bro. A Hodson
  • Bro. L E Tewson
  • Bro. R P Brookes
  • Bro. C R Hares
  • Bro. A H Mills
  • Bro. F E Wood
  • Bro. A Lees
  • Bro. J Richardson
  • Bro. W T Watford

* Grand and Provincial ranks held at the time.