The Officers 1949/1950

Masonic Lodges are governed and rum by an appointed set of 'officers' who all perform a specific and distinct role. When the Lodge was formed, the officers who 'took office' were: 

 W.M. -  Bro  H B Millichip, P.P.G.D.

 Organist     Bro  H J Roberts

 I.P.M. - W. Bro   H P Dayville P.PA.G.D.C.

 I.G.           Bro J E Hammond

 S.W. - W. Bro   J A Wones, P.P.G.D.

 Steward     Bro F Thorpe

 J.W. - W. Bro   S M Benbow

 Steward     Bro A Hodson

 Chaplain - W. Bro   M H. Curnow

 Steward     Bro L E Tewson

 Treasurer - W. Bro   E Fisher

 Steward     Bro R P Brookes

 Secretary - Bro F Morris

 Steward     Bro C R Hares

 D.of C. - W. Bro   Geo. H Woodward

 Steward     Bro A H Mills

 S.D. - Bro  S Barker

 Steward     Bro F E Wood

 J.D. - Bro T H Bunns

 Steward     Bro A Lees

 Almoner & Charity    Bro L W Brown

 Tyler         Bro E A P Richardson   P.P.G.T